The Red Desert Rose is a family-oriented operation. As a family, we purchased the property in September and continue to run it today. The Rawlins area is welcoming and considerate to all of its travelers, sharing the Wyoming way of life with each individual passing through. Comradery is common in Wyoming and the Red Desert Rose team embraces that ideal. Red Desert Rose is a 120-unit campground with showers, restrooms and laundry mat. It is also home to a host of amenities such as wi-fi, a mini golf course, a dog park and a playground for children.

We recognize our heroes, both at home and abroad, with both military and first responder's discounts. One of the owners is currently a firefighter and an EMT and his wife is a nurse. Both families come from a long line of firefighters and military members. For this reason, we want to give back to our military members and first responders for their dedicated and unflinching service.